In 1995,the construction industry achieved the best performance with real estate growth transfer rates of new and existing buildings of 15.

The construction industry has also stimulated the economy. The rapid development of the construction industry will stimulate the transportation, sale and purchase of factories, building materials and so on. It also provides a large number of employment opportunities, which has led to improvements in purchases that indirectly promote the national economy.

This shows that the relationship is two-way between the economy and the construction industry. Because of this relationship, the World Bank (1984) recognizes that construction activity is an economic stimulus. Research in the construction industry is more focused on the micro aspects of the industry.

This includes materials research, project management, and more. More specific or more research focuses on materials, research, technology and research Management aspect. Because the construction industry is supported by many important components, the components of the research. Housing is a major sub-sector of the construction industry. This is because the sector contribute to about 35-40% of GDP per year.

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